Taking the First Steps of 2017

February 8, 2017

We are now into February and you should start seeing MTM cases populating your queues. You may even have several cases waiting for action already! Since the new cases for the year are quickly arriving, it is important to take the first steps to boost your MTM program now. It is reasonable to expect the number of MTM opportunities for this year to be increased up to 25% from the number of opportunities last year. More services are being introduced and patients continue to become eligible for MTM services. 


Some services that you may see more of this year include the 30-90 Day conversions that offer a 30-day copay for a 90-day supply. If you know your patient would benefit from a 90-day supply, this option is great for them, especially if cost is a barrier to adherence. One case type that you may not see this year is the TMR for Needs ACE-I/ARB in diabetes. With the updated diabetes guidelines, other medications may be appropriate and therefore this TMR type has been removed from some MTM service lists. 


Suggestions for taking the first steps: 

  • Make sure your MTM program is efficient by utilizing your pharmacy technicians as outlined in the MTM The Future Today protocol

  • Pharmacy technicians managing the pharmacy's MTM program should log in daily to track cases and avoid missing MTM opportunities (like those sneaky Needs Refill TIPs!)

  • Start early! Start scheduling CMRs for both platforms now and stay ahead of the game. Quickly get caught up on TMR services that have entered your queues and then you will only have new TMRs to complete as they become available. 

We know 2017 will be an exciting year for pharmacy and MTM, and we are here to assist with any MTM issues facing your pharmacy. Remember to focus on the impact that MTM can have on patient care and your pharmacy. And as always, keep the patient at the center of all of your MTM services. 



Check the members site for updates to forms and services. New resources for your MTM program are being added to the members site weekly!


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